There’s one more episode left to Season 6 of Dexter and a certain beloved character may be in danger, based on one of the clips we have to show you. Actually, both clips seem to hint that something major is set to play out next Sunday night.

Spoilers ahead!

We know Dexter isn’t above shocking fans with a conclusion that rips one of the few people Dexter actually cares about away from him. Two seasons ago, that was Rita. Will Harrison be next? I want to say no, that they’d never do that, but it’s really hard to tell.

This first video has Miami Metro trying to figure out what Travis is going to do next. It looks like a tall building may be in the cards for Travis’ big finish...

And here we see Dexter finding out that Travis has taken Harrison. The little tike is still in his Noah’s Arc lion costume and he doesn’t seem to be at all aware that he’s in any kind of danger. Some children might have an instinct about this sort of thing, but given the fact that Harrison lives under the care and love of an active serial killer, it’s safe to assume his radar for good and evil may be a bit skewed...

Does anyone else see the biblical irony in Harrison being dressed up for a Noah's Arc themed pageant while Travis prepares for the end of the world? There might even be some connections between the end of the world and the Slice of Life... it being a boat and all. Will Travis' end of the world really happen? Or will it just be the end of Dexter's world as a father? It's heartbreaking just to consider it.

Read my thoughts on last night’s episode of Dexter here and see what I had to say on the very suggestion of a Deb and Dexter romance...

Dexter airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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