Joss Whedon is so insanely busy, not only putting together The Avengers 2 and releasing his Much Ado About Nothing and shepherding a new Marvel TV show, but actually helping control the entire direction of the Marvel universe-- he's basically a filmmaker who somehow wound up as a studio executive. But just because Whedon has moved up to the Marvel big time doesn't mean he's not somehow making time for the projects he loved before Captain America came calling, and with all this going on, he continues to promise a sequel to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, the 2008 web phenomenon that seems to only grow bigger and bigger each year.

With Dr. Horrible set to air on TV for the first time this Tuesday, series co-writer Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon is out talking about the original Dr. Horrible as well as the long-rumored sequel. Talking to MTV's Splash Page, she had good news for the Whedon faithful:

“We’re working on it. The goal is that we are going to be shooting next year, and getting the script and everything done at the end of this year. So that is something that we’re actually physically working on now.”

Of course, The Avengers 2 is also set to shoot next year, so it's hard to know how much time Joss Whedon will have to pull this together, despite the devotion of his collaborators. (Dr. Horrible is a family affair, with brothers Joss, Jed and Zach all helping contribute, as well as sister-in-law Maurissa) Given how consistently committed Whedon seems to be to his fan base, I have to imagine that the Dr. Horrible sequel really will happen at some point-- and if it's next year, then all the better. But it's probably also best to be a little patient with these guys-- after all, they've got a whole lot on their plates.

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