Shaking off the reputation you’ve cultivated is always tough for a network. It took years for MTV to stop being victimized by where-did-the-videos-go jokes, but with reality shows like Jersey Shore posting incredible numbers, I doubt they’re too concerned when the occasional sideswipes come their way. TV Land too is a network trying to redefine itself. Most weren’t expecting much when their first original sitcom Hot In Cleveland started airing last year, but after posting staggering numbers, TV Land is preparing to move forward with phase two of the same plan.

According to this press release I just devoured, TV Land has ordered two new cast contingent pilots. The first entitled Happily Divorced follows Fran Drescher as she deals with the ups and downs of parting ways with her recently outed husband. The second, called Rip City, centers around a regional beverage manufacturer in a state of chaos after their new boss turns out to be a young, female Ivy League graduate.

Starting in January, Hot In Cleveland’s second season will debut alongside brand new sitcom Retired At 35 starring George Segal and Jessica Walter. Within a year, they could be joined by both of these new vehicles. I’m all for new, original programming, as long as TV Land still finds time to feed my Brady Bunch fix. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.

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