I'll put this news story into the "proof there is a Santa Claus" category. Despite setting a new record for its series premiere, and maintaining decent enough numbers throughout its first season, Comedy Central will not be bringing The Jeff Dunham Show back for a second season. I'd like to think it's because they've finally seen reason, but he will be back in 2010 for another comedy special.

The problem I have is that Jeff Dunham is a terrible ventriloquist, and his jokes are terrible. Why is a man who's not very good at either aspect of his chosen craft riding this wave of "the next big thing." Granted, the last big thing was Larry the Cable Guy who rode a catch-phrase all the way home to his mansions, so clearly America and I aren't necessarily on the same page.

It could be because Dunham's 2008 special netted 6.6 million viewers, the premiere grabbed 5.3, but the final episodes only came in hovering around 1.5 million. So either Dunham isn't as appealing as he was last year, or even his die-hard fans weren't embracing the format of the new show. And in their defense, it did manage to make the act worse.

They treated his racially offensive puppets like the Muppets and took them off of his hand and out into the world. If I wanted to see puppets interacting with regular people in the world, I'll watch The Muppet Show. In fact, go ahead and put that back on the air and get rid of Dunham altogether, Comedy Central. That's a win-win solution!

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