Between its strong ratings and the webseries offering an eliminated contestant from Season 4 the opportunity to win a spot in the series' fifth season (Face Off: Redemption), things were looking good for Syfy's special effects make-up competition series, Face Off's chances of renewal. The network passed along the official word on the series, and it will indeed be back for Season 5.

Face Off has talented special effects make-up artists showing off their talent in an elimination-style competition. Each week, they're tasked to tackle a different challenge, which tests their skill and creativity against other talented competing artists in the industry. The series is currently amidst its fourth season, airing Tuesday nights at 9:00 p.m. And today, Syfy confirms that Face Off will return for a fifth season this summer, with production for Season 5 set to get started next month (April 2013).

In addition to being another great skill-based reality competition series, Face Off gives us a look inside the artistry of special effects make-up that goes into some of the great horror and sci-fi creatures we see on film and television. Speaking of which, this Tuesday night's episode of Face Off will feature Kevin Murphy, the executive producer of Defiance, Syfy's upcoming drama, which involves humans, aliens and hybrids living together on Earth in the future. Factoring in the anticipated non-humans set to be featured in the drama, it seems fitting that there should be a bit of cross-promotions between the two Syfy series ahead of Defiance's premiere next month.

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