Syfy will bring Face Off back for its third season tonight, bringing in a new set of talent special effects make-up artists all hoping to show off their skill and creativity in an effort to win a cash prize and advance their career in the art of creature creations. Also returning with new episodes tonight is Syfy's funny-scary game show Total Blackout. Check out previews for both series ahead!

Returning for Season 3 tonight, Face Off is an elimination competition series that has special effects make-up artists competing in various creature-creation challenges, which includes trying to get their work done in time and present it to the judges in the hopes of making it through to the next round. The video below has them racing around to finish their work in time.

It's fascinating and complicated work, as some artists have the technique, but maybe not the vision, while others are extremely creative but don't quite have the expertise to bring their ideas to life. The artist with a balance of both things can win this series. Face Off returns tonight (Tuesday, January 15) at 9:00 p.m. on Syfy.

And later tonight, Total Blackout also returns. The game show is hosted by Jaleel White and has people sent into the dark, trying to identify whatever's put in front of them, which could be something creepy and living, or as harmless as a sponge or a stuffed animal. It's the not knowing that makes the situation so scary (and entertaining for us to watch).

I like to imagine that the animal version of Total Blackout involves being put in a tank in the dark and having hands jab and poke you while the humans attached to them scream and swear. If the object of the game is to try not to panic, that little piggy's not doing a very good job. Poor little guy.

Total Blackout returns tonight at 10:30 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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