The Master of Suspense is being given the biopic treatment by HBO in a movie that will look at Alfred Hitchcock’s obsessive relationship with actress Tippi Hedren, who was the leading lady in his classic film, The Birds. The Girl stars Sienna Miller and Toby Jones in what is said to be an intense tale to rival Hitchcock’s films.

The first look pictures released today show Hunger Games and My Week With Marilyn star Toby Jones doing a pretty good impression of the famously rotund and balding Hitchcock, whose profile is well known to TV viewers.

Sienna Miller, meanwhile, captures old Hollywood glamour in her role as Tippi Hedren, for whome The Birds was a catalyst to fame and a long acting career that goes on to this day. Hedren has several films in the works this year. This film will focus on the production of The Birds and her next film with Hitchcock, Marnie, exploring the legendary director’s controlling ways.

The Girl premieres on HBO on October 20th, right before Halloween when Hitchcock’s films tend to get pulled out and viewed again by longtime fans.

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