The fall series have begun to premiere on network television, and months from now, we'll see a new slate of TV dramas and comedies make their midseason debut. Among them is Fox's intriguing looking drama The Following. A new teaser for the series has made its way online, playing up the serial-killer angle and giving us a look at the series leads.

The Following stars Kevin Bacon as a former FBI agent who is called out of retirement to help track down a serial killer (James Purefoy). Of the new shows Fox has set for the 2012-2013 primetime line-up, this one is at the top of my list. Unfortunately, we have to wait until midseason to see it. But Fox has started promoting the exciting new drama. Here's the latest teaser…

We get a couple of intense looking snippets near the end, but I thought the creepiest moment was the appearance of the police officer behind the girl searching for her keys. Something about that seemed off, despite the glimpse of the badge.

After my less than enthusiastic reaction to Fox's new medical drama The Mob Doctor, I'm even more disgruntled that we have to wait months for The Following to get started. I have high hopes that the Kevin Williamson-created series will live up to its premise. This one could prove to be a truly suspenseful and entertaining drama series.

The Following premieres Midseason 2013 on Fox.

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