CBS is beefing up it’s May Sweeps lineup with four new Price is Right Primetime Specials. Drew Carey is nearly as popular as Bob Barker, it seems. Each of his last four Friday Night shows has won the 8pm time slot, and CBS is banking on that happening again. They are so sure of the draw of the show, that they are even moving it from Friday to Wednesday!

With the addition of Price is Right, Wednesday at 8 becomes the first entirely unscripted primetime time slot. The popular game show joins NBC ’s exclusively primetime game show,’s Deal or No Deal, ABC’s Wife Swap and Fox’s Moment of Truth.

I personally never have time to watch TPIR on a normal day, even though I work from home, and welcome the chance to see how Drew is doing on the show. After reading about this move by CBS, I investigated the ratings of the show since Bob Barker left the show. Turns out, that the ratings went up 10 whole points when the old guy left - and they stayed there too!

Yahoo News reported the story adding that CBS also announced that they are renewing the drama Shark for the fall season.

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