Here’s the question of the day: does a move to network television amount to admitting defeat? Over the last five or so years, plenty of brilliant actors have made their way onto premium cable and been praised for it. Bill Paxton, Laura Linney, Steve Buscemi and David Duchovny have all crushed as the stars of their respective series, but still, there’s a certain stigma attached to network television. Even as big names like Peter Krause and Lauren Graham deliver brilliant performances on Parenthood, whispers of "Why aren’t they doing movies?" follow. Now Ethan Hawke is preparing to join them. Should we consider this a failure?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox has just bought a new pilot from Hawaii Five-O producers Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci. The basic premise follows a CIA extraction team in what the network is calling a “high octane action show”. Acclaimed director Anthony Fuqua is on board to helm the pilot. You may remember he directed Ethan Hawke in his Oscar nominated turn in Training Day, and here, he will star as the main character.

Ethan Hawke may not have ended up with the A-list movie career many expected after he crushed in the cult classic Reality Bites, but with two Academy Award nominations and more than a dozen solid film performances, he’s already put together a stellar body of work. So, why exactly is he doing a television show? Well, his actual motives are anyone’s guess, but with two movies in post production and his recent effort, Daybreakers more than making its budget back, it’s likely he just wanted to try something new.

Most of the specific plot details are still being guarded, but with acclaimed producers and a talented director like Anthony Fuqua signed on, it’s likely there is something here. I can’t wait, even if some would argue it’s just a TV show.

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