News has started to spread that there’s a good chance the writers strike could be at an end. If this is true than there’s a possibility at least some of what’s left of this season’s television might actually be salvageable. Lost began airing new episodes last week and with two new episodes aired, that leaves only six left before they run out of episodes. All we can hope is that the strike does end soon and there’s still time left for them to make more episodes, otherwise we’re going to be left hanging when the eighth episode airs. recently attended a press junket for Vantage Point and got a few quotes from Lost star, Matthew Fox regarding the fate of this season of Lost. According to Fox, there might be time to make a few more episodes of the show before the season ends. He said, “I think they’re in negotiations about that right now, the studio and Damon, and I think it’s possible that we do 4 or 6 of the 8 that we were supposed to be doing right now. I think we would pick back up and maybe shoot another four this spring, which would give this season a grand total of 12.”

Well, 4 or 6 new episodes is definitely better than none. If the rumors are true and the strike is going to end soon, we might actually get some kind of conclusion to the season.

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