HBO is counting on some old horses and betting on some new with this season’s schedule. We’ve known for a while HBO had plans to premiere Luck, a new horse racing program featuring Dustin Hoffman, and Enlightened, a program with Laura Dern at the helm. However, HBO has been slow to hand out premiere dates for the new shows, as well as the critically acclaimed Boardwalk Empire, How To Make it in America, and the junior seasons of Hung and Bored To Death.

As annoying as it is to wait with anticipation on the edges of our seats for programming news, it’s super convenient when all of the news comes at once. First out of the gate will be Boardwalk Empire, which is slated to appear on September 25 during the 9 p.m. time slot, and will continue to appear for 12 episodes. On October 2, Hung and How To Make it in America will get going during the 10 and 10:30 p.m. slots, respectively. Bored to Death and Enlightened are also lined up for fall, and will begin airing on October 10.

So, when will Luck appear? According to THR, Luck will take over Big Love’s time slot. The January opening is usually a pretty good time for ratings—what are people doing on Sunday nights in the middle of winter?—but, it seems odd to send what seems like a sure bet away from the programming forefront and into the depths of winter. Perhaps production isn’t fully together, yet.

With these release dates covered, HBO just needs to get its shit together and put out DVD copies of last season’s shows. Season 1 of Boardwalk Empire has been in pre-order with no release date for at least six months. I’m not going to wait six more.

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