Last week we got our first taste (bite) of what's in store for us in the upcoming, fourth season of HBO's vampire melodrama True Blood. We saw a little bit of Sookie and Eric looking longingly into each other's eyes (while scantily clad, of course), Jessica dancing at Fantasia (!?!), Alcide shirtless and growling, I think, and Bill, well, being boring old Bill. Now we get another look and it doesn't disappoint. I'll bite my tongue until you've watched...

Hm. If you weren't excited for the show's return, you should be now. Not only do we get to see most of our Bon Temps favorites (Jason and LaFayette... but where's Sam?) but we're also introduced to the new coven in town (lead by the exquisitely sinister Aunt Petunia... I mean Fiona Shaw, as the coven's leader Marnie). Yes Sookie, now you have to deal with witches.

After the amazing first season, I felt the show really dropped off the second year before a solid rebound in Season 3... Will Season 4 continue it's re-rise to greatness? We're dying to find out. True Blood Season 4 premieres June 26, 9PM EST on HBO. Fangtastic... (sorry for all the puns, it's just too easy).

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