When the original Girls Next Door left the Playboy mansion, they left the show in a shambles. The new girls were boring, and even Hef had to struggle to look interested in the twins' banter. In fact, he's dumped the dumb duo already. E! hit ratings gold with original "Girl" Kendra Wilkinson's self-titled show, so they're looking to hit again with Holly Madison, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

A recent special, Holly's World, showcased her new life headlining Peepshow, a burlesque live stage production in Las Vegas. With Kendra renewed for a second season this summer, E! is going ahead with an eight-episode order for Holly's World as an ongoing series.

I always thought Holly had the most personality of the girls. Kendra has grown a lot, but when she first got to the mansion, she was such a dingbat, I wanted to strangle her most of the time; but at least she was entertainingly stupid. Brigitte Marquardt already earned her own show, on a different network, with Brigitte's Sexiest Beaches, so this will mean that all three of Hef's girlfriends have now starred in their own shows. Not bad for women who gained fame by being involved with a horny old fossil.

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