The lead in the CBS drama pilot Baby Big Shot has gone to a British actress, an interesting choice since it’s about a young lawyer using her street smarts to make her way at a high profile New York law firm. Somehow I was picturing a Bronx accent, but then maybe just-cast Janet Montgomery is really good with accents?

She’ll have to be, unless we’re looking at a working class British girl making it in New York, since Deadline reports Brit Janet Montgomery has snagged the lead in this pilot. It was a sought after role since the options for young female drama leads are a little on the limited side this pilot season. Baby Big Shot is about a young lawyer named Martina who joins a Manhattan law firm and finds herself working with a group of polished colleagues from a much different world. She puts her knowledge of the streets to work to help her compete.

Montgomery is an up and coming actress both in her home country and here in the US where she has been a regular on Human Target as well as on the last season of Entourage. She also had a role in best picture Oscar nominee Black Swan and has a couple of other film projects due for release soon. This would be her first starring role in a television series, although she’s working on a miniseries for the BBC called Dancing on the Edge. Baby Big Shot is one the new projects this season that doesn’t impress me either in the title or in the premise, but I’ve been surprised before.

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