We all know Mitt Romney has made a fine living for himself. If a comedian, say, was looking for an easy joke, poking fun at Romney’s wealth is about as easy as easy can get. Unless you decide to complicate the matter by using an image that is less than humorous. Then, you just might find yourself in hot water with the law.

Last Thursday, Leno made a joke about Mitt Romney’s summer home. When the joke was made, a slide popped up showing a gorgeous gold-leafed building with domes and beautiful handworked molding—a building that was clearly not Romney’s home, but was actually an Indian temple, the Sikh holy shrine Golden Temple, to be exact. According to Deadline, the Bol Punjabi All Regions Community Organization did not find the joke to be particularly funny. A representative from that organization actually filed a lawsuit over the joke in the Los Angeles Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Perhaps the joke should never have been made. Because it was made, the lawsuit contends both Jay Leno and NBC are at fault for exposing the temple and the religion practiced in the temple to “hate” and “ridicule.” The lawsuit is seeking punitive damages and court costs.

Community leaders are also asking that Leno formally apologize to the institution. A lawsuit seems a little extensive for something that was meant to be a no harm, no foul joke. Since it seems like the whole ordeal is a simple misunderstanding between one culture and another, I do believe an apology is in order and could go a long way to smooth things over. At least I hope so. After all, that joke was at the expense of Mitt Romney, not meant as a means to “ridicule” an entire culture.

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