Earlier this month, Jerry Seinfeld got Seinfeld fans buzzing when he spoke of some secret project he's working on with Larry David. The comedian recently commented on the project, stating outright that it's neither a Super Bowl commercial, nor an episode of his web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, as some fans have speculated.

For reference, rumors about this project have been circulating, due in part to Seinfeld's AMA comments and the photo below, which shows Seinfeld star Jason Alexander outside the famous diner often featured in the NBC sitcom:

Fans naturally speculated that the possible Seinfeld-related project was either something we should expect to see in an ad during the Super Bowl -- reunions and nostalgic throwbacks do seem to be a popular trope for Super Bowl ads -- or related to Seinfeld's cars-and-comedians-focused web series, which has him driving around with his comedian friends, talking about cars and comedy and stopping off somewhere to get coffee. Via Variety, according to what Seinfeld told "Boomer & Carton" on the WFAN show this week, it's neither. You can listen to Seinfeld answer questions about it here, or read the vague clues about the project below:

"It's a secret project." (We knew that.)

It's not related to Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee or a Super Bowl commercial.

It has been filmed already.

Other Seinfeld characters were involved.

It's a short(ish)-form.

Jason Alexander is, in fact, playing George Costanza for the project (as opposed to someone else or a version of himself).

Larry David was involved but not on camera or heard in voice.

We'll see it "very, very soon."

Seinfeld says he think it's one-and-done, so we might not expect more of whatever it is.

It's more than sixty seconds.

Jason Alexander wasn't surprised to be asked to play George.

There were other locations, but an apartment on the west side wasn't one of them.

That's about all he was willing to give up, but it's a lot more to go on than we had originally! It still keeps us in the dark — or at the very least, a very dimly lit room — about what this project actually is, but we have a bit more to go on now. So who are the other Seinfeld characters involved? And where will we finally see this hopefully-epic thing? We'll apparently find out "very, very soon."!

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