From 1989 to 2001, John Goodman hosted Saturday Night Live just about every year. And then he dropped off the SNL radar, despite being pretty active in film and television over the last decade. Last night, Goodman returned for his thirteenth time hosting the long-running sketch comedy series, putting him two hosting gigs away from tying with Steve Martin for the #2 spot on the most-times hosted list. Alec Baldwin still holds the lead with 16 appearances as host, in case you were wondering. Among the highlights of Goodman’s episode was the “Three Wise Guys” sketch, which included appearances by Grudge Match stars Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro, as well as “Drunker Uncle” and a sketch that had Goodman playing a woman who was just too sexy.

Before we get to those, here’s Goodman’s opening monolog, during which he sang “All I Want For Christmas is Booty.”

You’ve heard of the three wise men, but have you seen the three wise guys? They’re head to Bethlehem by camel…

Not the funniest sketch, but it was great to see Stallon, De Niro and Goodman side-by-side on camels. You don’t see that often.

And then there’s Drunk Uncle and his even drunker uncle, Drunker Uncle.

The "Too Hot" sketch might have fallen flat, but Goodman pulled it off every time he did that little giggle.

Finally, we have “Last Call,” one of Kate McKinnon’s recurring sketches, in which she’s a woman at a bar who’s had too much to drink and is willing to go home with the last guy there.

NBC has the full episode, including Kings of Leons’ performances available to watch. Catch it below…

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