If only I had seen this rumor so I could have used common sense to debunk it before the star's rep officially did so herself. Apparently, some corners of the internet have been speculating on the possibility of former Las Vegas actor Josh Duhamel replacing Regis on Live! With Regis And Kelly. The fire was stoked a bit when Duhamel's wife Fergie was asked and she cryptically told reporters to ask her husband themselves. The Hollywood Reporter did, and they were greeted with the standard “no truth to that rumor”. Obviously.

As both an Indiana native and a big fan of his work, I wouldn't dare belittle what the Notre Dame graduate has done, but Regis' talents were perfectly suited to hosting game shows and waxing poetic with female co-hosts. Josh Duhamel, on the other hand, while an affable enough guy, is a movie star who's already finished work on the third Transformers and is currently shooting New Year's Eve. He really doesn't seem like a prime candidate to suddenly switch fields and do a daily talk show.

Duhamel did take some time to weigh in on who he thinks should take up Regis' empty chair come November. In an interview with TV Guide, he recommended Jerry O'Connell. For the record, I would watch the shit out of Live! With Jerry O And Kelly.

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