It's been nearly a year since Lost went off the air, and for all the ways the world is a colder place without the show, perhaps the greatest absence of all is Josh Holloway, or at least his abs. The actor who played Sawyer will appear in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol later this year but has been relatively under-the-radar beyond that; now, though, he may be making his return to television, and on the show that may have replaced Lost for endless nerd excitement: Community.

EW is reporting that Holloway is closing a deal to make a cameo in the two-episode Community season finale, which will revisit the famous paintball episode from season one and depict Greendale once again overcome by paint-based warfare. Holloway will play a "mysterious figure" who shows up on campus during the game; I'm hoping he'll be some kind of Mr. Miyagi-style guide to teach Annie the art of war, but I could also imagine some scenario in which he's a rival to Jeff for paintball supremacy. Either way, the Dean is probably not going to be able to keep his eyes off him.

The season finale will air in May, but there's no more specific date just yet.




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