With T.R. Knight’s departure from Grey’s Anatomy and Ellen Pompeo’s upcoming maternity leave, Seattle Grace is already going to be short two of it’s regular surgeons but now it looks as though Katherine Heigl is also going to be taking a leave of absence from the show.

No, she’s not leaving the series for good (at least not yet). According to Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello, Heigl was granted a temporary hiatus so she can get to work on the Greg Berlanti-directed romantic comedy Life as We Know It.

According to Ausiello, Heigl’s character Izzie’s departure will be explained on screen and she’ll be gone for five episodes, starting some time in November. This will create an overlap with Ellen Pompeo’s (series star “Meredith Grey”) maternity leave, which means at some point Meredith and Izzie are going to be off screen. Considering the already sizable cast, not to mention the additions of three new characters (played by Nora Zehetner, Robert Baker, and Jesse Williams), it’ll be a wonder if anyone even notices that Izzie and Mere are gone.

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