Broadway favorite and GCB actress Kristin Chenoweth landed a nice little role on The Good Wife this season that should have worked out great, should a piece of lighting equipment not have fallen on her head. The actress eventually bowed out of CBS’ acclaimed Sunday night series (after sporting a neck brace), but, apparently, she no longer has beef with the network and has signed on with CBS for the untitled Matthew Broderick comedy that is being produced with Tad Quill.

The Quill project centers on Jack (Broderick) and his yet to be cast 12-year-old son who have lost an important family member. Some time after losing his wife, Jack would like to get back into the dating game. While there is death involved instead of divorce, the father/child relationship could ring a little bit like Two and a Half Men, but CBS has never been big on wild or unique comedy premises, so I guess we shouldn't be surprised the network is sticking close to formula with this one. Plus, Chenoweth’s character could certainly shake things up a bit.

In the comedy, Chenoweth will take on the lead role of Marnie, Jack’s sister. Marnie’s profession is waiting tabless, and while her character seems charming and affable, THR also says Marnie will be a bit “judgmental.” Quill is on board to write and executive produce the pilot and James Burrows will direct, but there’s still no word on whether or not the project will move forward at CBS. Competition at the network is tight, and this project doesn’t even have a name, yet.

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