Krysten Ritter has a number of on screen projects in the works, among which is Amy Heckerling’s upcoming vampire movie Vamps, as well as ABC’s midseason comedy Apartment 23. Now it looks like she’s looking to do some work behind the camera on a small screen project for MTV.

According to Deadline, Ritter is serving as producer on a TV project based on Eric Garcia’s novel Cassandra French’s Finishing School for Boys. The series, which is set to be “in the tone of Heathers” (presumably dark humor), will center on a young, female, overachieving attorney who gets a job working as a lawyer for Hollywood studio and is now trying to find romance in the form of a real relationship. At some point, she ends up locking a man up in her basement to train him on how to become “the perfect gentleman.”

Ritter and Garcia will both serve as executive producers on the project, which sounds bizarre but strangely fun, to say the least. But that sort of fits along the lines of some of what we've seen from Ritter as an actress. It’ll be interesting to see who is cast in the role of the leading lady. She actually sounds like she'd be a great fit for the part, however the is set to be played by a 22-year-old, which is a bit on the younger side, not that Ritter wouldn't be able to pass for 22 (considering most teenagers on TV are played by 20-somethings anyway).

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