Lindsay Lohan has been in talks to play iconic actress Liz Taylor in a Lifetime movie since May, and today it seems the role is hers. Apparently though, the role that could really be a major comeback for Lohan comes with a few rules she’ll have to play by to keep the gig – mainly, staying on the right side of the law.

Sources for Access Hollywood reported that 25 year old Lohan, whose name is pretty much synonymous with legal trouble, has been given the role of a lifetime, provided she does everything the judge asks of her. Her casting as Elizabeth Taylor for a TV movie at Lifetime is conditional on her staying on the straight and narrow.

Word first surfaced last month that Lohan was being considered for the role and had been working on the deal since last spring. The development of the project began not long after Taylor’s death. Now it seems to have come to fruition, as long as Lindsay can keep it together – which might be a tall order considering her history.

Lindsay Lohan has been involved in a long line of legal problems, addictions and general bad behavior over the years, and at only 25 she’s already been counted out of the game by many, as a child star who couldn’t quite make the leap to grown up actress. Now it seems she’s aiming to prove her detractors wrong by taking on the role of another famously troubled actress, Elizabeth Taylor. She’s also been tapped to host SNL next month, another sign she’s making her way back up from under the cloud of scandal.

Lindsay recently posed as another icon, Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood’s most famous blonde. Now she’ll take on the role of Hollywood’s most famous brunette as well. She’s not my choice for either role, but I’ll hand it to her on ambition.

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