Louie gives us Part 1 of a three part story arc this week and I don’t really know what to say about it.

It is exactly that, Part 1 of a bigger story, and until we see how it all plays out I don’t know what there is to really say. The episode consisted of four scenes basically, Louie telling stand up, Louie getting bumped up to the top guest on The Tonight Show, Louie waking up to news of a meeting and Louie having said meeting with a Les-Moonves-type at CBS. That’s it, the episode even ends on a “cliffhanger” in which Louie’s decision would signify the end of Act 1.

So what did we get? We got a great turn by Garry Marshall as the Moonves type and his brutal honesty with Louie is a bit refreshing; is that how all these big executives talk? What Louie was there to discuss with Doug, his young manager, in this super secret meeting was Louie taking over the hosting duties of The Late Show after David Letterman retires. Louie suggests Jerry Seinfeld, CBS is way ahead of him, and they simply want to give Louie a shot to try and save the company money and maybe make the executive look like a genius. The whole scene is a bit inside baseball, but revealing none the less as C.K. pulls the curtain back a smidge on how Hollywood sort of works. Marshall was great here, getting a big monologue that he absolutely nails, and it made the night’s episode worthwhile as an independent endeavor.

Elsewhere, Louie’s stand up bit in the opening was solid and one of the longer entries we have seen this season. His riff on the sad life of an Amazon reviewer is probably mostly true, besides the whole murder/suicide thing. It was also great to see the return of Doug the Agent in a prolonged roll who makes me laugh by doing so little. The bit with house keeping fell flat for me, but the “not enough time to masturbate,” joke had me in stitches.

So, not a lot to talk about this week. Leno was actually funny, so that is something, but the episode serves as set up for the next two weeks of Louie . I am sure we will get to see him film a pilot, confront Seinfeld and maybe even get to see a glimpse of Letterman, but we can’t really get into that until it happens. Here’s hoping this week’s set up is worth it.

Stray Thoughts:
-"How come uncle Henry's head is gone now."
-I love Louie's agent.
-And with that, Leno is funnier than he has been ever on his show, "got an airplane joke?"
-Louie totally just pushed that girl trying to put a jacket on him.
-Is that the thing I'm not supposed to tell anybody.
-Poor little Doug.
-He's so honest.
-The credits bit was kind of awesome.

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