Michael Bay pretty much has only one way of doing anything: EXTREME! So I suggest you pack your heat-resistant goggle and Hazmat suit as you wade into the news at Deadline Hollywood that the Transformers director is planning a reality show, to be produced by Project Runway masterminds Magical Elves.

Described as a cross between "an extreme Survivor, The Mole and The Amazing Race," the show called One Way Out will pit contestants against each other and, as Bay puts it, "stripped of their bare necessities and forced to do whatever it takes to survive." Contestants will be required to hide their secrets pasts from one another as they travel the world to compete in new challenges, all of it culminating in "a climactic showdown where all secrets are exposed and a shocking development revealed."

It seems to be that Michael Bay spent a few years listening to people complain about how depraved and soulless reality TV had become, then said to himself "Ha, I can beat that." Thus we have One Way Out, a show that promises to make you feel exactly the way you do when watching a Michael Bay movie: disgusted and a little ashamed of yourself, but also thrilled in a way you're not quite willing to admit.

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