For great television, there is no better stop than HBO. Its track record with the drama series is nothing short of exemplary, and each show seems to tell a sweeping societal tale within a singular geographic focus. They've given us the effects of the drug trade in Baltimore with The Wire, the mafia’s long reach in New Jersey with The Sopranos, Katrina’s vast devastation in New Orleans with Treme, and polygamy’s hold on fundamentalist Mormonism in Big Love, and umm vampires living in America with True Blood. Okay, so it's not all topical.

With its newest series Boardwalk Empire, based on the novel by Nelson Johnson, producer Terrence Winters (The Sopranos) and director Martin Scorsese (a few things you’ve probably heard of) tell the story of corruption in Atlantic City at the dawn of prohibition. The cast includes Steve Buscemi, Michael Pitt, and Gretchen Mol and the whole production has a colorful but raw edge to it.

HBO seems to have a thematic approach to new each series. Rather than deciding on characters and giving them a setting and problem, they've chosen the place and idea, and filled it with memorable characters. It's a formula that clearly works for cutting edge television.

From the looks of Boardwalk Empire, HBO has another hit on the horizon. Check out the trailer below, and head here for a much higher res version.

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