This summer, David Harbour could be found on television playing cable news anchorman Elliot Hirsch on Aaron Sorkin's new HBO drama The Newsroom. And this fall, it looks like he's moving over to CBS for a guest spot on the networks new Sherlock Holmes-inspired procedural Elementary.

Set to premiere Thursday, September 27 Elementary stars Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes, with Lucy Liu playing his partner-in-crime-solving (and sober companion) Joan Watson. TVLine posted the news that Harbour will guest star on the series, playing Dr. Mason Baldwin, "a brilliant surgeon who becomes an unlikely ally to Jonny Lee Miller‘s Sherlock as the eccentric detective investigates a murder in a hospital."

It sounds like an interesting role, especially when we factor in that Liu's Watson is a former surgeon. I wonder if that'll play a role in Harbour's story arc in some way. Perhaps she'll hit it off with Dr. Baldwin… or maybe he'll become a suspect and her surgical expertise will prove useful in picking up on some clue for the case. We can only speculate at this point. From what TVLine has reported, it's just a one-episode guest spot, so he won't be sticking around.

Among Harbour's credits is Pan Am, in which he appeared in multiple episodes as Anderson, Kate's spy contact in London. He also has the upcoming David Ayer crime drama End of Watch, which arrives in theaters this fall.

In other Elementary news, see what Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch had to say about CBS' upcoming new series here.

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