“He creeps me out,” Jim Halpert has said of James Spader’s Robert California. “But I think he might be a genius.” Based on what we’ve seen of Spader in The Office already, I’m inclined to agree with Jim. If your memory’s rusty on Spader’s guest-spot, NBC has offered two promos for the new season both of which focus on Robert California.

It was previously announced that James Spader would be joining The Office for the NBC comedy series eighth season. The promos NBC released feature footage from last season, which featured Spader as Robert California, one of the many candidates to take over Michael Scott’s position. As it happens, Spader will be ranked much higher when he climbs aboard Dunder Mifflin.

Unfortuntely, it doesn’t look like these promos include anything new, however if nothing more, they’ll remind you of just how funny (and weird) Spader is in the show and what we have to look forward to when the series resumes next month.

The Office returns to NBC with new episodes on September 22, 2011.

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