While most reality TV programs make the talent come to them, the Oprah Winfrey Network is trying a very different tactic. OWN has ordered six episodes of the aptly named Secret Talent Scout, which will feature talent scouts traveling the country to find the best and the brightest. The scouts will give potential talent their big break, then reveal their identity.

According to THR, the series has no air date yet, nor do they seem to have a concrete definition of talent. Since OWN is more put-together than America’s Got Talent, I expect the acts to be less of a motley crew and to lean toward more glamorous skills like acting and singing. Overall, the series seems to be a weird mash-up of AGT, Undercover Boss, and Punk’d. Secret Talent Scout is meant to collaborate with OWN’s “live your best life” theme.

Without more information, the big questions are: How will talent be found? How will these people be persuaded to sign up for television without knowing what they're getting into? I’m sure these are all issues OWN and partner Zodiak USA considered before pressing forward. If you are interested in the answers, Cinema Blend will keep you posted as more information becomes available.

Overall, the series should be a step forward for the network, which is still suffering from a need for original programming. Secret Talent Agent should prove a good companion for other life-oriented programs on the network, including Don’t Tell the Bride. It’s a good thing OWN has Rosie O’ Donnell and other talk show hosts also around for programming, otherwise a more prominent worry would be the network competing for audiences with TLC.

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