Do Parenthood and Sons of Anarchy share much of an audience. Given that they both air at the same time on Tuesday nights, maybe not, but both shows are about family in their own way, so there is a connection, I suppose. As a fan of both series, I watched Sons of Anarchy last night and then chased the brutal installment of the FX biker drama with Parenthood's "Everything is Not Okay." SAMCRO may be having a rough time of it on Sons but things aren't doing all that great for the Bravermans this season either!

Following the reveal that Kristina has breast cancer, last night's episode began her and Adam's quiet research and planning for her treatment. Of course, they're being introduced to a scary new world that neither was prepared for, but I think the show did a solid job of inching them into it, not by having them immediately sign up for whatever treatment the doctor recommended, but by allowing them to take a step back and look around before making any decisions. Kristina's admission that she's scared and plea to Adam to let her be scared sometimes was yet another touching and heartbreaking moment of the season. So far, Monica Potter takes the prize for these kinds of moments this season, first with the emotional farewell to Hattie, then with her diagnosis, and last night with her reactions to her sickness.

From the preview for next week's episode ("The Talk"), it seems she's not the only one who's scared…

It's one thing to stop for a moment to explore all the options. It's another to put off treatment. Is Kristina afraid to have the surgery? It seems Adam is afraid for the opposite reason. It's times like these where they'll need to be there for each other. But how long before the rest of the family finds out? Is the referenced "Talk" going to be when Kristina and Adam tell the kids? I expect Max will have a lot of questions. And Hattie would probably want to come home. Will they tell the rest of the family? I can't imagine they'd keep this information confined to just their household, but then again, Kristina might want privacy on this matter, at least until after the surgery.

And in other news, are we supposed to want Sarah and Hank to get together? Because, I'll admit, I'm starting to see it. Don't get me wrong. I love Jason Ritter's character, and going into this season I was thinking that I'd be really unhappy if/when things fell apart with Mark, as they're pretty much always on the verge of doing. But Ray Romano's Hank is funny and a bit off, which is somehow kind of complimentary to Sarah. There seemed to be a few more sparks in the above preview. Is this the start of something? We could use some new romance on this show, especially given everything else that's going on. (Of course, I'll be singing a different tune if/when Mark and Sarah's relationship comes to an end).

Parenthood airs Tuesday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET on NBC.

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