Well, that didn’t last long. After four months of bantering, CNN’s partnership of Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker has been severed. Ratings were up and down for Parker Spitzer, but lately, more often than not, they’ve been down. Rumors were ablaze the last few weeks about what the news network might do to combat the problem. Now we know. Parker is gone. She’ll return to the newspaper column she scaled back prior to joining the nightly telecast, and Spitzer will continue on with a new format.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, that new program will be entitled In The Arena. It’ll feature a rotating set of panelists discussing the hot topics of the day, moderated by the disgraced former governor of New York.

This shakeup was desperately needed. Parker and Spitzer didn’t have the chemistry to make it over the long haul. Better to do it now before turning more viewers against the anchor that were more interested in keeping. You can look for the new format this coming Monday at 8 PM EST. With so little preparation, expect a rocky start.

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