Could CBS be bringing in John Stamos to “replace” Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men? In the words of Uncle Jesse, “Have mercy!” Seriously, it’s getting more and more difficult to keep up with the ongoing drama surrounding Charlie Sheen and his feud with CBS and Men show runner Chuck Lorre, but word is, while Sheen may be preparing to take legal action, CBS may be preparing to replace him on the show.

This situation goes all the way to the top if this rumor turns out to be true. E! Online is reporting that CBS Pres Les Moonves sat down with John Stamos (Full House or more recently, ER and Glee) on Saturday to discuss bringing him on board to play a role in Two and a Half Men. According to their sources, Stamos wouldn’t be taking over Sheen’s character, but playing a new character introduced to the show.

Following rumors early last week, Stamos tweeted that he was not replacing Sheen on Men but joked that Martin Sheen has asked him to fill in as his son. This was before the supposed meeting this weekend, so who knows?

Whether or not this rumor is true (as far as it's been reported, no formal talks have taken place), it’s certainly not the worst idea if the show’s going to go on without Sheen. Then again, I’m not among Two and a Half Men’s many viewers, so fans of the show may disagree with me. Still, Stamos is a known actor and adored by many. When considering a replacement character being brought in, I was holding out hope that David Faustino might be brought in to play Charlie’s long lost cousin. The Grandmaster B has been due for a comeback for a while and I think Men could be just the vehicle for that… but Stamos could work.

As for Sheen, you can watch his interviews with NBC and ABC where he discusses the show and his issues with CBS here.

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