NBC's got a number of new series headed our way this fall and one of them is the drama, set to star Christian Slater called My Own Worst Enemy. Thanks to a source who wishes to remain anonymous, we've got the Casting Call sheet for Enemy, which gives a few details about all of the characters. Spoilers ahead!

In Enemy, Slater will play Henry, a man with a split personality. He spends half his life in a boring suburbanite life, totally unaware that he also happens to be a spy named Edward. Two personalities; one body. According to the initial description for the series, released by NBC, "When the carefully constructed wall between them breaks down, Henry and Edward are thrust into unfamiliar territory where each man is dangerously out of his element."

It was reported last week that Mike O'Malley was cast for the role of Tom Grady/Raymond in the series but other than that, there hasn't been any recent news on casting for the other roles. Below is the full Casting Call list and character descriptions:

Mavis Heller / Helen: 50s, sturdy, intelligent, tough and astute. She is Edward and Raymond's boss at Janus HQ who walks with a cane and plays chess against herself during downtime. She is first seen angrily reprimanding Edward for ignoring a direct order during his mission in Paris. When Henry, Edward's mild-mannered alter-ego, emerges unexpectedly, and expresses an interest in working for her, she explains that the Henry side of his personality was basically concocted in a lab 15 years ago and that Janus has no use for Henry, only Edward. Later, as a sign of good faith, and to show that she is also making sacrifices, she arranges for Henry to run into her alter ego, Helen. Series Regular;

Tom Grady / Raymond: Mid-Late 30s. Henry's amiable friend and co-worker at AJ Sun Consulting. He's a married man and all-around good guy who teases Henry about his lack of toughness and admits he thinks Henry's wife is hot. Tom's alter ego is Raymond, a tough as hell, brusque and violent secret agent (just like Edward) with a devilish sense of humor who works for Janus. Raymond has to extract the hapless Henry from a brutal Russian interrogation and return him to safety. As Tom, he has no idea that Raymond exists, but Raymond knows about Tom and his family. Series Regular;

Lily Spivey: 33. She is Henry's loving, tender wife who cares deeply for Henry and has two kids with him: 4 years old Ruthy and 12 years old Dashell. Lily has absolutely no clue that her husband was born Edward Albright and spends half his time performing deadly missions all over the world. She is surprised (and a bit delighted) when "Henry's" demeanor in the bedroom changes, although she briefly wonders if he's having an affair. Series Regular;

Dr. Norah Skinner: Early 30s, beautiful without much makeup. She is a shrink and Edward's girlfriend who slaps him when she finds out he slept with Natasha, a Russian spy, during his mission to Paris. She runs a therapy sessions of sorts with Henry to make sure his memory is wiped clean of his time as Edward, and she's surprised when Edward asks her what Henry is like. Series Regular;

Dashell "Dash" Spivey: 16, intelligent, son of Henry and Lily. Unlike his father, he excels in sports, but has a tendency towards sudden outbursts of aggression which lead him away from team sports like soccer and towards the individualistic sport of mixed martial arts. He's disappointed in his father for not standing up against Screaming Bob;

Ruthy: 4, talkative. She is Henry and Lily's daughter who thinks "it sucks" that her brother Dash hasn't been sent on the field yet during his soccer game;

Tony: This technician who likes World of Warcraft works the CT scanner, Engram machine (which implants false memories into Henry's mind) and dispatch at Janus. Tony's impressed that Edward lasted so long in bed with Natasha. Guest Star / Possible Recurring;

Uzi Kafelniker: 40. This "wiry, Russian sociopath" captures Henry (believing him to be Edward) and questions him. The two men have a history of working on opposite sides, trying to kill each other and torturing one another. There is hatred but also respect between them. The last time they met, Uzi lost two of his fingers, and now he wants revenge. Uzi and his main thug, a large Russian man with gold teeth, follow Henry back to the States and threaten to harm his family if he doesn't comply with their demands. Actor must be fluent in Russian.Guest Star;

Gold Teeth: This large Russian man with a mouth full of gold teeth shoots Henry in the chest and, alongside his boss Uzi, tracks Henry to the States and threatens to harm his family. Actor must be fluent in Russian. Guest Star;

Natasha: 30. This beautiful, sexy, dangerous Russian woman with an air of sadness who occasionally longs for a normal life and a normal romance is sent by her Directorate to rendezvous with Edward and find out why he is looking for Uzi. She has a heated sexual encounter with Edward in a gorgeous Paris hotel, and then tries to kill him. This role contains nudity. Guest Star;

Maxine: This older woman is a career secretary who works for Henry and arranges his travel. She's got a dry sense of humor and a good rapport with Henry. Possible Recurring;

Screaming Bob: 30s. This bullying, overbearing jerk of a dad screams at the ref in a kids' soccer match. Later, he bumps into Henry, spilling a pitcher of beer, and demands that Henry pay for it;

Trooper: This testy and incredulous State Trooper pulls Henry over for speeding. He's disappointed to discover that Henry has diplomatic immunity;

Interrogator #1 & Interrogator #2: These two Russian interrogators torture Henry while bickering with one another over who should have to cover the late shift. When Uzi shows up and orders Interrogator #1 to shoot Interrogator #2, #1 doesn't hesitate. Actors must speak fluent Russian;

Dave: 60. This friendly baseball fan monitors Henry and Raymond's X-rays as they enter the white room and hands Henry the latest NY Times sports page;

Uzi's Boss: This "scary Russian dude" is Uzi's boss who incongruously tells Uzi not to be too hard on himself for his mistake;

Driver/Charlie: This driver asks Henry how his flight was;

Speaker: Seen in Henry's flashback, this speaker gives a lecture at a business convention;

Homeless Man: This innocuous-looking homeless man is actually an undercover agent with a hidden machine gun and communicator;

Beautiful Woman: Seen in Henry's childhood flashback (really a false memory), she is his smiling mother who died when Henry was four;

Sally: Seen in Henry's flashback (really a false memory), this redheaded teenage cheerleader with large breasts is in love with teenage Henry and anxious to lose her virginity to him.

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