Yahoo has spent some time putting together a lineup of original programming, and now the company has scored some pretty sweet supplementary footage. On Thursday, it was announced that Yahoo has partnered with Broadway Video and NBC Entertainment to become the exclusive provider of Saturday Night Live archives. The new partnership with Yahoo will be celebrated on April 29, making the company the “most comprehensive digital home” for SNL content.

This should be great news for fans who want access to some of SNL’s harder to find, archived clips. Yahoo will soon be home to plenty of content, including exclusive clips from the 1975 through 2013 episodes of the hit late night program. So, if you want to catch clips from the "Schweddy Balls" segment to the "Samurai Delicatessen" bit, Yahoo will be the best source. Additionally, “select” musical performances will be available via Yahoo, as will some behind-the-scenes clips, and even some dress rehearsal clips, the latter of which sounds like they could be really fun to peruse through. It also sounds as if the Internet will be far more flush with SNL fodder, but we’ll have to wait and see if that proves true.

While Yahoo will have the rights to recent clips, audiences who prefer Hulu and other resources for new clips do not need to despair. As part of the new deal, Yahoo will feature current season episodes and clips non-exclusively. All in all, this sounds like a great deal for both Yahoo and NBC, as well as fans. The partnership is only temporary--the digital hub will hold the rights for archived Saturday Night Live footage for only one year. However, if the partnership pans out, Yahoo will likely be able to re-up for much longer.

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