Syfy is one of the least consistent networks on television. It’s content has major highs and lows, and it can’t even decide what it wants its logo to look like. Since Battlestar Galactica ended its run in 2009 (high), the network has tried to rely on programs like Ghosthunters International (low) to keep things going.

Content has been looking up in the past year with the release of Being Human, which averaged 1.9 million viewers in the winter season, and the continued popularity of Warehouse 13. Now, Heroes’ Masi Oka is teaming up with writer Alex Sabeti for a new parallel-universe show called The Correctors. Hollywood Reporter is stating the pair has developed The Correctors together, but ultimately Sabeti will write and Oka will executive produce and possibly star. A program where lead actors get to jump into identical past selves to stop negative events from occurring could be just what the network needs to add to the consistency of its programming.

More Masi Oka might mean less Dinoshark, but that’s the price I’m willing to pay to get excited to turn Syfy on again.

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