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Starz CEO Says The Boss Movie Is Dead

A movie could have tied up the matter of Tom Kane’s degenerative neurological disorder in the series quite neatly; unfortunately Albrecht says that a movie is no longer in the cards for the subscription cable network.

5 Great TV Characters With A Secret Dark Side

Inspired by tonight's premiere of NBC's new drama Do No Harm, we came up with our list of characters with a hidden dark side. These aren't merely characters leading secret lives, or suffering from some uncontrollable Jekyll & Hyde complex. These are characters who present themselves with one personality to the public, often including their seemingly closest friends, but are secretly harboring a dark and dangerous side that comes out in other circumstances and adds a layer or two of complexity to who they really are.

Boss Cancelled After Two Seasons

Starz' drama series Boss earned Kelsey Grammer plenty of praise and a deserved Golden Globe for his portrayal of Chicago Mayor Tom Kane, but unfortunately, the series wasn't able to draw a large audience and it looks like Starz has decided to call it quits on the series after its second season.

NBC Buys Freakonomics-Inspired Procedural Drama

NBC has just bought a project from the duo who created Starz’s Boss, Lionsgate and Gramnet Productions, owned by Grammer. Kevin Fox is attached to write. Despite having a Law and Order: SVU alum writing the project, the final project will be nothing like a basic procedural

Boss Season 2 Cast Video And A Photo Of Kelsey Grammer Posing As Mayor

Set to return for its second season later this month is Starz' Boss, which has Kelsey Grammer playing the role of Chicago Mayor Tom Kane. Starz released a really great photo of the actor posing similarly to one of Chicago's former mayors, along with a video featuring the cast of the series as they offer hints about what's ahead for their characters and the series.

Boss Season 2 Poster Art: Power Consumes Everyone

If you're among those who consider themselves hooked on Starz' Kelsey Grammer starring drama series Boss, you'll definitely want to see the art the pay-cable channel has revealed for the series' upcoming second season. One might describe the metaphor as meaty, but fortunately there's a description so we aren't left hanging. And that's about as far as I'm willing to go with the punning today.

Boss Season 2 Preview: The Game Is Power And The Rules Are Rigged

Returning for its second season later this summer is Boss, the series that earned itself (and Starz) two Golden Globe nominations this year, one of which was for Grammer's excellent performance as Mayor Kane, an intimidating, powerful but vulnerable Chicago mayor in the drama series. Starz released a new trailer, which gives us a better look at the kind of drama that's ahead.

Boss Season 2 Trailer: Who's Threatening Mayor Tom Kane?

Starz' compelling drama series Boss will return later this summer for its second season at the pay-cable network, and with it comes the return of Kelsey Grammer as the intimidating Chicago mayor Tom Kane. Starz released a new trailer for the series, which clues us into what's going on in Kane's life, both in public and behind closed doors.

Starz Sets Boss Season 2 Premiere Date, Spartacus Orders Limbs For Season 3

Starz’ returning series is getting an early start for its second season. The Kelsey Grammer starring drama premiered back in October. Starz has set the Season 2 premiere for the show, and it looks like fans will see Tom Kane back on the small screen this August.

Boss Season 2 Preview: Do Not Question His Resolve

Boss didn’t do so bad for itself in its first season. Sure, the Starz drama series wasn’t exactly a ratings winner, but it did grab the attention of the Hollywood Foreign Press, managing to secure a nomination for Best Television Series (drama) and a win for Kelsey Grammer’s outstanding performance as Mayor Tom Kane in the series. Whether the show secures Emmy recognition for its first season remains to be seen, but before that, we have Season 2 to look forward to.

T.I. Joins Starz' Boss For Season 2

Rapper T.I.’s acting credits are slim, with a few movie appearances and a guest spot on Entourage under his belt, but that’s about to change in what sounds like a big way. The artist has reportedly signed on for a role in Starz’ returning series Boss.

Boss Preview: Episode 3 - Swallow

As Starz’ series Boss continues on to its third episode, we’ve already gotten a decent measure of who Kelsey Grammer’s character Tom Kane is. These two clips demonstrate the fact that he’s not the same man with everyone. In one clip, he clearly has the power, while in another, he’s in a different place entirely.

Boss Preview: Exclusive Photos From Next Friday's Episode - Swallow

Starz aired the second episode of Boss last night, which carried some interesting story arcs forward. For one thing, it looks like Kelsey Grammer’s character Tom Kane is already showing signs of his neurological problems in public, though his wife was quick to cover things up. We have some photos from next week’s episode, titled, “Swallow” that might give us a clue for what’s to come.

Boss Preview: Episode 2 - Reflex

Last Friday night, Starz premiered the first episode of their new drama series Boss, which brings Kelsey Grammer back to television in a starring role. For those of you looking forward to the next new episode, we have a preview video and a description for “Reflex” to show you.

Boss Co-Showrunners Exit The Starz Series

Just one episode of Starz’ new political drama Boss has aired, and there’s already news of some fairly significant changes behind the scenes. Word is, two of the executive producers/co-showrunners are exiting the series.

Boss Review: Kelsey Grammer Delivers An Outstanding Performance In Starz' New Drama

Kelsey Grammer returns to television in a starring role tomorrow night when Starz premieres their new drama series Boss. Well known for playing the title role on TV's Frasier years ago, among other parts, you won't find much to laugh about in Grammer's new role, however he does deliver a fantastic performance as Mayor Tom Kane.

Watch The Series Premiere Of Starz' Boss Online A Week Early

It’s starting to become a trend for networks to give viewers an early sample of their new series. Such is the case for Starz’ Boss. The drama, which stars Kelsey Grammer, isn’t set to premiere for another week, however Starz has been kind enough to release the first episode online, and you can watch it in its entirety here!

Starz' Boss Gets Second Season Renewal Before Its First Season Premiere

Did everyone enjoy that series premiere of Starz new drama Boss starring Kelsey Grammer? It must have made quite the splash because... what? The show hasn't even premiered yet? Not until October 21st? Talk about confidence, three weeks before the series is even scheduled to premiere, Starz announced today that they are already renewing for a second season. Like I said, confidence.

Extended Trailer For Starz' Boss Shows Kelsey Grammer's Dark Side

“I am a bad man, and I have done some bad things,” Kelsey Grammer’s Boss character says. Whether it’s Grammer’s low, slowly spoken words, or simply the over-all tone of this trailer, but I’m intrigued to say the least. If you thought the previously released teaser sold Boss well, you’ll appreciate this extended look at the upcoming drama series.

Kelsey Grammer Shows Off His Intense Side In Starz Boss Teaser

Kelsey Grammer’s probably most known for being funny and for the handful of Emmy awards he’s won for his starring role in the comedy series Frasier. Based on this teaser for Starz’ upcoming drama series Boss, we’re about to see a much more intense side to the actor.

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