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On The Set Of Community: Donald Glover and Danny Pudi Help Out With With Annie's Move

Walking on to the set of Community a few weeks ago, one of the first things I saw was Danny Pudi’s head covered in about six rolls of bubble wrap and Donald Glover hitting him with a wooden tennis racquet. While I wanted to believe that this was just the two actors having a laugh, it was actually rehearsal for a scene from tonight’s episode, titled “Studies in Modern Movement.”

On The Set Of Community: Yvette Nicole Brown Discusses Wanting To Do A Story WIth Donald Glover

All this week I’ve been going around the legendary study table of NBC’s Community and posting video interviews with the cast that I conducted while on set a few weeks ago. With the new episode, “Studies in Modern Movement” airing tonight, we’re coming down to the home stretch and that kicks off with the wonderful Yvette Nicole Brown, who plays the delightful, if not sometimes judgmental, Shirley.

On The Set Of Community: Alison Brie Talks About Annie's Big Move

All this week I’ve been posting my on-set interviews with the cast of the amazing NBC show, starting with Chevy Chase and Gillian Jacobs, but now we get to the star of this week’s episode. Check out my interview with the lovely Alison Brie below in which she talks about what Annie was up to the summer between seasons, how she’s dealing with the move, and even a few lies about what we can expect later this year on the show.

On The Set Of Community: Gillian Jacobs Talks Working With The Guest Stars Of Season 3

Earlier this morning I posted my video interview with the amazing Chevy Chase from the set of NBC’s Community. Towards the end of the video he called over to one of his co-stars to ask why he couldn’t tell me about a mysterious character named Torg and Gillian Jacobs entered the frame to explain that it was a secret. But that wasn’t all I got to see of Britta all day. I also had the chance to talk with her about the current season of Community.

On The Set Of Community: Chevy Chase On Pierce's Personal Growth

All this week I will be posting my one-on-one video interviews with the cast of the show – which I recorded while sitting in Jeff’s chair and the head of the table – discussing not only what’s been going on this season (I was on set the week before the season three premiere), but also what the characters are getting up to this week. First up is the legendary Chevy Chase, who, even after all this time, is still the pariah of the study group.

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