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The Brink Was Canceled Even Though HBO Already Renewed It

Do you guys remember back in the day when a person’s word actually meant something, particularly when that person was the head of a major cable network? HBO seems to not be bothered by such things.

The Brink Renewed For Season 2 By HBO

This summer, HBO debuted two brand new comedies, which air after True Detective on Sunday nights. The first, Ballers, earned a quick renewal from HBO. And now The Brink has also been picked up.

More People Are Watching True Detective Than Ever

While many people would probably choose not to believe it, Game of Thrones Season 5 is no more, with last week’s finale bringing in monster ratings to HBO. Could the timeslot follow-up, the Season 2 premiere of True Detective, maintain the commanding viewership?

Tim Robbins And Jack Black To Star In HBO Comedy The Brink

Some of us are still getting over the news that Stephen Merchant's underrated comedy Hello Ladies isn't coming back for a second season, but that's no reason we can't celebrate HBO's decision to move forward with another promising sounding comedy, which will star Tim Robbins and Jack Black.

Gore Verbinski Executive Producing New Serial Killer Thriller For Starz

Grudge writer Stephen Susco is working on the script which will follow an art therapist doctoring a notorious killer claiming he had premonitions about the murders but did not commit them himself

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