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Why Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip Failed, According To Steven Weber

NBC had a show with a killer recipe for success back in 2006 with Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, but the series was cancelled after only one season. Actor Steven Weber has thoughts about why.

The Funniest Network Note Aaron Sorkin Ever Got For The West Wing

The West Wing was a series about politics and life behind closed doors in the White House. While it was always a fictional series, the show did nod at a lot of real-life stuff that was actually going on in the world.

The Excellent Advice Larry David Gave Aaron Sorkin About Leaving The West Wing

The West Wing never would have become the popular and critical hit that it was were it not for writer/creator/showrunner Aaron Sorkin at the helm for the first four seasons. He left before the fifth, and Sorkin admits that it was particular advice from Larry David that kept him from being too miserable about departing.

Aaron Sorkin Is Broke?

When it comes to the creative minds kicking around in Hollywood, few produce product as instantly recognizable as Aaron Sorkin. And one would think that a 22-year stint in the industry would guarantee never having to worry about how much money is in the bank, but the information-hemorrhaging Sony leak has clued us in on Sorkin’s possible money problems.

Aaron Sorkin Says He Is Done With TV

HBO’s The Newsroom is premiering its third and final season tonight, and for fans of prolific writer Aaron Sorkin, the episode may be a little bittersweet. The West Wing and Sports Night writer is now saying that when The Newsroom ends, he will be done with television for good.

The Newsroom Season 2 Promo Covers Some Interesting Camera Angles

The Newsroom’s newest trailer is a slow motion affair, giving us some behind-the-scenes looks at shooting the drama, which is amusing, as the video shows shots of the crew shooting a crew of actors who are shooting the news. i>The Newsroom stars Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Alison Pill, John Gallagher Jr., Olivia Munn, Dev Patel, Sam Waterston, and Jane Fonda. Season 2 will premiere on HBO on July 14 at 10 p.m. ET.

The Newsroom Season 2 Will Premiere On HBO In July

The Newsroom’s second season has earned an official premiere date as part of HBO’s summer slate. The Aaron Sorkin drama, which was renewed only a week into its freshman run last summer, will return on July 14th.

The Newsroom: The Complete First Season Blu-ray Will Hit Homes In June

The Newsroom: The Complete First Season has finally been announced by HBO. Unfortunately, fans of the drama that was created and is executive produced and chiefly written by West Wing mastermind Aaron Sorkin, will still have a while to wait to catch their favorite episodes on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download. The Golden Globe nominated series will hit home entertainment platforms on June 11.

The Newsroom's Aaron Sorkin Set For A Simpsons Guest Spot

The dialog on Fox's The Simpsons may get a little bit sharper next season, at least for part of an episode. Aaron Sorkin tends to have that effect when he's around. The West Wing creator's current involvement in television these days is HBO's The Newsroom, however he'll be lending his voice to an episode of The Simpsons next season.

The Newsroom Reportedly Cuts Most Of Its Writers For Season 2

Aaron Sorkin's new HBO drama series The Newsroom is just a few episodes into its first season, and word is, there are already some pretty major shakeups happening with regards to the writers room. Recent reports are stating that most of the writers have been let go for the series' second season.

The Newsroom Preview: Family Of The Newsroom And Shooting The Show

HBO already released a preview for the second episode of Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom, titled "News Night 2.0," but here are two more "In Brief" promos to keep you watching. The first, titled "Family of The Newsroom," is bookended by creator Aaron Sorkin and features every member of the large ensemble while the second promo, called "Shooting the Show," might be the most fascinating preview thus far.

Sorkinism Video Connects Aaron Sorkin's Reused Lines

Aaron Sorkin recycles dialogue. "You think?" I suppose this is something that happens with writers. You get a good line, it's likely to stick in your head and find its way to the page of another script, right? Apparently, this is a frequent occurrence for Aaron Sorkin, a writer with proven ability to come up with great lines, and now a semi-tribute video that demonstrates his re-usage of many of them.

Aaron Sorkin's Newsroom Premiere Earns Moderate Ratings

Only 2.1 million viewers showed up to watch Jeff Daniels take on the role of the embittered Will McAvoy and fight for the news alongside Emily Mortimer. In its encore performance the show nabbed an extra .6 million, bringing total viewers for the night to 2.7 million.

The Newsroom Preview: Breaking News

Less than a week remains between now and the premiere of Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom. Sorkin's return to television is obviously already highly anticipated but the fact that the award winning writer has decided to take his talents to HBO makes it all the more exciting. The series is about the fictional 'News Night' team and the inherent struggle between trying to present important stories and be popular at the same time.

The Newsroom Preview: More Character Spots For Aaron Sorkin's HBO Drama

Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom is airing just in time to help fill the ever expanding summer void at HBO. To prepare audiences for their big summer series debut, HBO already released a handful of trailers promoting Sorkin's drama, all of which look quite good, and just last week we shared character spots for Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Olivia Munn and Sam Waterston. Now, the network has followed up the main characters with spots introducing the other members of the large ensemble at 'News Night.'

The Newsroom Preview: Character Spots For Aaron Sorkin's New HBO Drama

The Newsroom is the new television series from Aaron Sorkin, the creator of the West Wing and Academy Award winner writer of The Social Network. For the first season of the show about the news, HBO has assembled a wonderful group of actors to bring Sorkin's eclectic characters, not to mention his signature quick quips, to life. And to start introducing the rather large ensemble, the network has released these character spots.

The Newsroom Preview: Promo And An Invitation To The Set

HBO has yet to miss the mark with any of the previews for their upcoming drama The Newsroom. From the very first few glimpses at Aaron Sorkin's much anticipated return to television to these most recent videos, everything about the series so far has looked great. Not that we should expect anything less from the Academy Award winning writer pairing up with the the most prestigious network in the medium but it is certainly making the month wait for the premiere seem even longer.

The Social Network Star To Cameo In HBO's The Newsroom Premiere

Aaron Sorkin, like a lot of great artists, has a knack for recycling actors who take to his very idiosyncratic material. Or perhaps it's the actors who are vying for another chance to spout his wonderful dialogue? Either way, in that respect Sorkin has become an heir to Woody Allen, and while it seemed like Sorkin's highly anticipated HBO series The Newsroom wasn't going to feature any of his previous favourites, apparently the premiere will indeed have a cameo from a familiar Sorkin face. Well, voice.

Jane Fonda Joins Aaron Sorkin's HBO Drama Newsroom

It seems more has developed for the new HBO series that was once going by the name 'more as the story develops.' The show, created and written by the unparalleled Aaron Sorkin, is adding even more pedigree to the already incredibly prestigious series, now operating under the title of Newsroom. And while the tentative title couldn't be anymore boring, adding two-time Academy Award winner Jane Fonda to the show should certainly help keep the finished product from being anything but bland.

Aaron Sorkin's HBO Series May Be Called Newsroom

Among the more interesting projects in the development is the cable news channel drama by The West Wing’s Aaron Sorkin. Word is, the series now has an official title. More as this story develops...

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