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One Con Man Moment That Harkened Back To Firefly, According To Alan Tudyk

Firefly alums Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion reunited for the hilarious comedy Con Man, and it turns out that there was a moment that was a total Firefly blast from the past.

Nathan Fillion Can't Stop, Won't Stop Teasing A Firefly Reunion

Nathan Fillion is up to something, but won't explicitly say he's plotting a Firefly reunion. When will these teases end?

Nathan Fillion Teases Possible Firefly Reboot In New Reunion Photo

Three of Firefly's starring actors recently reunited, and Nathan Fillion is already teasing possible reboot rumors.

Batman Now Ties To NBC's Powerless In An Even Bigger Way

NBC jumped into the superhero game in a unique way when it ordered up Powerless, and the show has been adding more and more comic tie-ins, including this big Batman connection.

NBC’s Powerless Has A Major Batman Connection

Taking place within the DC Universe, NBC's Powerless was always going to have references to iconic superheroes. Now after some reworking, Powerless is connected to Batman in a vital way.

The Hilarious Scene From Con Man Season 2 That Nathan Fillion Fans Will Go Crazy Over

The beloved Nathan Fillion is at the center of a scene in Con Man Season 2 that one executive producer is most excited for fans to see. Check out what happens.

Nathan Fillion Has An Awesome Idea For More Firefly

Speaking with CinemaBlend about the digital release of his fantastic comedy series Con Man, Alan Tudyk told me about a fantastic idea Nathan Fillion shared about how the next Firefly adventure should begin.

How Con Man Season 2 Will Use Nathan Fillion, According To Alan Tudyk

Firefly alum Alan Tudyk caused a lot of laughs with his web series Con Man, and he talked to CinemaBlend about how much Nathan Fillion fans can expect to see in Season 2.

Nathan Fillion And Alan Tudyk's Con Man Is Heading To A New Home For Season 2

At the moment, Nathan Fillion’s regular day job at Castle is going through some changes as a renewal is still just over the horizon. But thankfully his other show with Alan Tudyk, Con Man, just got some great news.

Firefly's Alan Tudyk Is Joining The DC Universe, Get The Details

If you want a quick way to make your show as good as it can possibly get, you seek out Firefly actor Alan Tudyk. And the fan favorite actor is about to jump into the DC Universe for an interesting TV role.

Firefly's Coolest Moment, According To Alan Tudyk

Firefly is still a huge hit among the fans of the show. It might not have gotten big enough ratings to last more than eleven episodes, but the cult following its development cannot be denied.

Firefly: The Cast Then And Now

Back in the fall of 2002, Joss Whedon’s Firefly was the best new shows on the primetime roster. Sadly, Firefly was cancelled after only 14 episodes had been produced. Still, the series has been elevated to cult status in the years since its cancellation, and here's where the cast went after.

Alan Tudyk Wants The Full Firefly Cast On His New Series Con Man

Just a few weeks ago, Firefly alums Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion put together an awesome viral campaign to jumpstart a new TV project called Con Man. The campaign was incredibly successful, and Con Man is already moving forward, and this is how the Firefly crew might get involved.

Nathan Fillion's New Series Con Man Just Added A Ton Of Sci-Fi Stars

When it comes to projects that makes the geekier sections of society squeal with delight, you can’t get much better than the re-teaming of Firefly stars Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk for the latter’s upcoming webseries Con Man, which just stacked its cast.

Firefly Alums Nathan Fillion And Alan Tudyk Will Head Back To Space For This New Project

There are presumably millions of people out there who still mourn the TV passing of Firefly, sometimes humbly and sometimes annoyingly. Stars Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion are calling out to that same science fiction-loving fanbase to help get their next project off the ground.

Alan Tudyk And Rex Lee Won't Be Back For Suburgatory Season 3

It was good news for ABC's Suburgatory earlier this month when the bubble-show received a renewal for its third season. Unfortunately, that pick-up came at a price for the comedy. Rex Lee and Alan Tudyk will not be returning to the comedy next year when Suburgatory returns for Season 3 during midseason. And there make be more big changes to come, in the interest of cutting down the budget for the series.

Firefly's Alan Tudyk As Michael Scott? The Office Audition Sheet Reveals What Might Have Been

This image was shared by Rainn Wilson and is the original sign-in sheet for the first day of casting for The Office. With the series wrapped and the final episodes scheduled to air as spring approaches, now seems like a fitting enough time to look back on what has and what could have been. The sheet not only shows us that Rainn Wilson was the first person to audition for the series, but also some of the other people who were up for roles.

10 Things We Learned About Firefly At Comic Con

In one of the most emotion moments I'd ever seen shared with some 5,000 people, Joss Whedon held back tears trying to come up with something to say when he was asked how he felt about fandom. As the camera pushed in and the director of the highest grossing movie of the year choked up, someone yelled "We Love You" and the fans slowly built a supportive cheer that grew into a standing ovation.

Firefly Reunion Comic Con Panel Liveblog!

Hello Browncoats. You know why we're here. It's the Comic Con 10th Anniversary Firefly Reunion with Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Alan Tudyk, Sean Maher, and Summer Glau. Will there be news now that Joss Whedon has the power of The Avengers behind him? Serenity 2? New Comics? SOMETHING? Let's find out!

Hail Mary For Minnie Driver, Alan Tudyk's Off To Suburgatory

The latest bit of pilot-casting news includes new TV roles for Minnie Driver and Alan Tudyk. Both pilots have religious sounding titles, though neither appears to have anything to do with religion. While Driver’s set to star in a pilot for CBS’ Hail Mary , Tudyk was cast in ABC’s Suburgatory.

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