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Another American Horror Story Favorite Is Returning For Season 8

A past cast member of the franchise will return for American Horror Story Season 8.

When American Horror Story Season 8 Will Take Place

American Horror Story is coming back for Season 8. And here's when it will...

American Horror Story Has Cast A Hollywood Legend For Season 8

This might be American Horror Story's sweetest casting news in quite a while.

American Horror Story Season 8 Has Confirmed Its First Three Stars

The first three stars for the eighth season of American Horror Story have been confirmed.

American Horror Story's Season 8 Theme May Have Been Revealed

Have we learned what Ryan Murphy's surreal series will be getting into next?

One Terrifying American Horror Story Villain Is Down To Return For Another Season

American Horror Story: Cult moved away from the typical cast of actors, and one AHS villain is ready to return to the series.

The 10 TV Shows New Netflix Users Are Most Likely To Binge-Watch

Netflix has revealed what new customers are known for binge-watching first, and the results contain some surprises.

Owners Of American Horror Story Murder House Are Suing Over Fan Harassment

Fans of American Horror Story have made life hall for a pair of homeowners.

What's Happening With American Horror Story's Murder House And Coven Crossover

American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy addressed the planned crossover season between Seasons 1 and 3.

American Horror Story Is Doing Something Totally Different For Season 8

American Horror Story has gone in some wild directions over the years, but Season 8 is going to be something very different.

What Ryan Murphy Thinks About The Fox And Disney Merger, And How It Could Affect His Shows

While many fans are wondering what the merger between Disney and Fox could mean for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, producer Ryan Murphy has got just one thing on his mind: his myriad shows on FX.

5 Big Shows That Could See Major Changes After The Disney And Fox Merger

Big news in showbiz broke earlier this week with the news of a merger between Disney and 20th Century Fox. Here are some big ways TV may be changed in the wake of the merger.

The Fun American Horror Story Callback That Got Cut Out Of AHS: Cult's Finale

It turns out that a reference to AHS: Hotel was cut from last night's finale.

How American Horror Story: Cult's Finale Brought Its Rage-Filled Story To An End

American Horror Story: Cult came to a close in some pretty logical ways. At least for this universe.

American Horror Story: Cult Just Dropped Two Big Shocks Leading Into The Season Finale

With only one more episode to go, American Horror Story: Cult has dropped a couple more shocks on us.

What One American Horror Story Star Wants To See In The Murder House And Coven Crossover

American Horror Story has seen some powerhouse actors come and go over the years. Now, one has weighed in on something that should definitely happen in the Murder House/Coven crossover.

American Horror Story: Cult Just Dropped Another Big Death And A Weird Twist

With just a few episodes left, American Horror Story just lowered the body count.

First Look At American Horror Story: Cult's Even Peters As Charles Manson

Ryan Murphy has teased what Evan Peters will look like as infamous serial killer and cult leader Charles Manson. Check it out.

What American Horror Story: Cult Edited Out Of Latest Episode Due To Las Vegas Shooting

Tragedies in real life occasionally influence what TV shows will air, and American Horror Story made the decision to edit a mass shooting scene in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting. Here's how the episode changed.

American Horror Story’s Next Episode Will Be Edited Following Las Vegas Shooting

The recent tragedy in Las Vegas has caused shockwaves through the nation. Now, the event is causing one popular television show to rethink a major scene in an upcoming episode.

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