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Ice Cube, Marlon Wayans And More Remember The Late John Witherspoon

Actor and comedian John Witherspoon died on Tuesday, and many celebrities have taken to social media to remember him.

The Arsenio Hall Show Has Been Cancelled

Unlike the majority of late night shows, The Arsenio Hall Show ran in most markets at 11 PM. Most observers thought that timeslot would give him a jump on most of his competitors who don’t start until 11:30 or 11:35. At first, the ratings were actually pretty decent too, especially in the younger demographics. CBS Television Distrubtion was actually so confident, they announced a second season renewal all the way back in February

Watch Snoop Dogg, Jay Leno And Others Bring Music And Laughs To Arsenio Hall's New Talk Show

Nearly two decades after Arsenio Hall's late night talk show wrapped up, the actor and comedian returned to the studio, greeted by the familiar sound of cheering (and hooting) fans. The above video shows us a segment from Hall's first opening monologue, during which he jokes about how much has chanced since he last had this gift. "Back then, the only doctor that prescribed marijuana was. Dr. Dre," he joked.

The Arsenio Hall Show Picked Up In 95% Of Markets

It’s been a while since we’ve heard news from Arsenio Hall and his late night talk show. Back in August, The Arsenio Hall Show was officially cleared to move forward after being picked up in 85% of markets. However, it seems U.S. audiences have more confidence in Arsenio than that, and now the man’s late night talk show is close to clearing all markets.

Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars Will Bring Four Former Champs Into The Boardroom

A few months ago, NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice was reportedly planning an All-Stars season for midseason. At the time, it even seemed as if former winners might get the chance to compete in the prestigious competition. Now, Celebrity Apprentice producers have confirmed the 6th installment of the series will be an All-Stars event. However, instead of competing, the former winners will take on a very different role.

Arsenio Hall To Return To Late Night With A New Talk Show

Following a successful run on The Celebrity Apprentice, it's not entirely surprising news to learn that Arsenio Hall is making a comeback to late night talk show hosting. Prior to winning Donald Trump's favor on the NBC reality competition series, Hall was best known for hosting The Arsenio Hall Show back in the late-80s/early-90s. Well, that and playing Eddie Murphy's right-hand man Semmi in Coming To America.

Celebrity Apprentice Winner Arsenio Hall May Get A New Talk Show

During Sunday’s finale of Celebrity Apprentice on NBC, one of the big things separating the two finalists was what they hoped to achieve with their recent introductions back into the pop culture lexicon. Clay Aiken seemed to really want the Apprentice title to overcome the jokes he received about getting second on American Idol a decade ago. Arsenio Hall, on the other hand, stated he hoped to parlay an Apprentice win into a new talk show hosting gig. And why not?

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Clay Squares Off With Arsenio

After lambasting Arsenio for his verbal actions in past weeks, Donald Trump eventually turned to Aubrey and fired her ass, beginning this week’s Celebrity Apprentice final task with a bang. With Arsenio pitted against Clay, we didn’t have to wait long to ascertain what the final challenge would be. The next morning, Trump told the two men they would each be putting on a variety show where they would also have to create a PSA announcement for their charities and bring in some big ticket donors.

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: And Then There Were Three

At the beginning of this week’s task, Elle and CHI showed up, and for a second, I thought I was smack dab in the middle of an episode of Project Runway. Then, Trump opened his mouth instead of the soft, slightly Germanic accent of Heidi Klum and I realized this would probably be some sort of Celebrity Apprentice advertising challenge. I was right.

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