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Ben And Kate Cancelled, Fox Shuts Down Production

Earlier this week, things weren't looking so good for Fox's freshman comedy Ben and Kate, when Fox announced that they were pulling the struggling comedy from their Tuesday night line-up. Today, word is in that Fox has shut down production on the series and won't be completing the remaining episodes left in the 18-episode order it received.

Ben And Kate Pulled From Fox's Schedule

It is not a good week to be a struggling TV comedy. First comes word that ABC has yanked Don't Trust the B---- In Apartment 23 from their line-up, and now there's bad news on the FOX front as the network has given the same treatment to their freshman comedy Ben and Kate.

The 10 Best New Shows Of 2012 Include Girls, Midwives And A Scandal

Every major network listens to hundreds of television pitches each year. A small percentage of those receive a script order, a small percentage of those receive a pilot order, a small percentage of those actually get picked up, and hilariously, an overwhelming majority of those are still not very good. Most new television programs barely make it the full season let alone get picked up for another go around. Fortunately, there are always a dozen or so that somehow navigate through all of those trappings and actually work.

Despite Low Ratings, Ben And Kate And The Mindy Project Earn Full Season Orders

Fox’s freshman comedies Ben and Kate and The Mindy Project have been greenlighted for full season orders. The network announced the news Monday, noting that six episodes have been added to Ben and Kate’s initial order and a whopping nine episodes have been added to The Mindy Project’s schedule to keep the programs on air through the spring.

5 Adorable TV Kids That Came Before Ben And Kate's Maddie

Seven-year-old Maggie Elizabeth Jones is pretty new to the television scene, having only appeared on television via two TV movies, Game Time: Tackling the Past and Most Likely To Succeed. However, if she exhibits the charm and the wit we’ve seen from the youngster in her past roles, Ben and Kate is bound to have a leg up on the competition. We’ll have a better idea of which side of the line Ben and Kate falls on later tonight, but until then, the show seems like a convenient enough excuse to look back on some of the children who have made us smile over the years.

Ben And Kate Review: Fox's Family Focused Comedy Has Potential

Bridging the space between stories about single women pursuing self-improvement (New Girl, The Mindy Project), and Fox's more family-focused comedy Raising Hope, is Ben and Kate a new comedy that shares a little bit in common with all three mentioned series, as it centers on a single mother who's raising her 5-year-old daughter with the help of her chaotic but well-meaning brother.

The Finder's Geoff Stults Cast In Ben And Kate

Stults will play a love interest for Kate, likely because they have a big “something” in common on the show: kids. While the program will focus on Kate and her brother, Ben, as they raise Kate’s child, Stults’ character will be a single parent in his own right. Playing a daddy is a far cry from the role the actor played on his last show, but I have no doubt he can handle the change.

The Mindy Project And Ben And Kate Full Pilot Episodes: Watch Them Online Here

We're still weeks away from that point during the fall schedule when all of the new shows are beginning to premiere and it comes time to start picking the ones that will hold a place on our primetime TV-viewing schedule. Fortunately, some of the networks have been offering early samples of their programming, and that's the case for Fox's new comedies The Mindy Project and Ben and Kate. Catch the series premiere episodes right here!

Ben And Kate Adds Lindsay Sloane As A Guest Star

On Fox’s upcoming Tuesday comedy, Sloane will play Louise, one of Ben’s ex-girlfriends. After Ben shows up in town to help his sister, Kate, take care of her daughter, Louise will try to worm her way back into the man’s life.

Fox Announces Preview Episodes For Ben And Kate And The Mindy Project

Fox previewed freshman drama New Girl to bring attention and hopeful a few eyeballs to the freshman sitcom last year. Taking a cue from that show’s success, the network will preview Ben and Kate, the new comedyfollowing adult siblings as they raise the precocious little girl from We Bought A Zoo. The highly touted The Mindy Project, which will star Kaling, as well as will be written and directed by the actress, has also earned a preview episode.

Ben And Kate Preview: Someone's Bubble Bursts In The Key Art For Fox's New Comedy

Joining Fox's fall line-up this September is Ben and Kate, a family-focused comedy series starring Dakota Johnson, Nat Faxon, and the adorable little girl from We Bought a Zoo (Maggie Elizabeth Jones). The recently released key art for the comedy series features all three stars, and it looks like one of their bubbles already burst.

Ben And Kate Preview: A Look At Fox's Family-Focused Comedy

It looks like Fox made the right choice in pairing Mindy Kaling's new comedy with New Girl, and the same could probably be said about Ben and Kate being paired with Raising Hope on the Tuesday night comedy lineup. While Kaling's comedy focuses on a woman trying to improve her life, Ben and Kate seems to be all about family, of which the Chance family likely would approve.

Fox 2012-2013 Primetime Schedule Moves Glee To Thursdays, Introduces The Mindy Project, Mob Doctor And Others

Fox's 2012-2013 primetime schedule is up, and in addition to returning series The X Factor, Touch and New Girl, among others, the line-up also includes a handful of new series. This includes Mindy Kaling's comedy, which has found a fitting spot behind New Girl on Tuesday nights, and The Mob Doctor, which may fill the medical drama void left by House

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