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Beverly Hills Cop Won't Move Forward To Series At CBS

There’s no such thing as a sure thing, but if you had asked me a couple of days ago if CBS’ Beverly Hills Cop pilot would surely go to series, I would have answered that it had the best odds possible. While the pilot was considered a pretty safe bet for the network, CBS announced on Friday that Beverly Hills Cop will not be moving forward at the network.

Beverly Hills Cop Pilot Set Photos Show Aaron Foley's Car And Eddie Murphy's Chair -- UPDATED

The above photo is one of numerous pictures tweeted by Shawn Ryan, creator of the Beverly Hills Cop pilot in the works for CBS. The sequel project will focus on the son of Eddie Murphy's Axel Foley, played by Brandon T. Jackson. None of the photos Ryan's tweeted so far give us a good look at the stars, but the above does put father and son's chairs side by side, which is definitely a great little tease, and these other pictures show us some of the costumes and settings.

Beverly Hills Cop TV Pilot Casts Christine Lahti

We haven't heard much news about the Beverly Hills Cop TV sequel since the project found its lead in stand-up comedian Brandon T. Jackson. Today comes word that Law & Order: Special Victims Unit's Christine Lahti has joined the cast of the project. And it sounds like she'll be playing the lead character's eventual boss.

Beverly Hills Cop TV Pilot Casts Its Lead

When we first learned that a Beverly Hills Cop sequel TV pilot was in the works, we were left to wonder who would play the starring role of Axel Foley's son? That question has been answered! The role of Aaron Foley will be played by stand-up comedian Brandon T. Jackson, otherwise known to Tropic Thunder fans as Alpa Chino.

Beverly Hills Cop TV Project Heads To CBS, New Plot Details Emerge

The Beverly Hills cop TV series is now a little bit closer to becoming a reality. The project, which is being developed by Eddie Murphy and seasoned cop-drama showrunner Shawn Ryan (The Unit, The Shield) has earned itself a pilot production commitment at major network. And we also have an update on the plot of the potential series.

Beverly Hills Cop TV Show In The Works, Eddie Murphy And Shawn Ryan Involved

Could Beverly Hills Cop be getting a small screen sequel? It certainly sounds that way. Rumor has it, there's a project in the works that would bring Eddie Murphy's character Axel Foley (or possibly his son!) to the small screen. What's more, not only is Murphy reportedly attached to this project, but so is The Shield's Shawn Ryan.

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