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American Horror Story: Cult Reveals First Looks Its Newest Stars, And Yes There Are Clowns

American Horror Story: Cult dropped some more clown-tinted sneak peeks for fans, showing us what some of the newest cast members will look like.

Friends From College Review: Netflix's New Comedy Requires You To Embrace The Flawed Group

Picking up on the titular friends in their thirties, the series shows that age doesn't always come with wisdom, and how your "friends forever" sometimes need to be just the opposite

Elementary's Lucy Liu Just Signed On For A New Gig

Lucy Liu has a new TV gig in the works, and it sounds fantastic.

American Horror Story Season 7 Just Signed Its First New Actor, And It's A Shocker

American Horror Story Season 7 is still in the early days of teasing the hell out of everything, but now we know which new face we'll be seeing in some of those teasers.

Hairspray Live! An Updated Cast List

We're finally starting to get some casting news on Hairspray Live!. NBC is revealing the musically inclined actors who will appear in the live show, so let's take a look at who's signed on so far.

Difficult People Has Been Renewed For Season 2

With the plethora of marginal-to-shitty comedies currently deluging the TV-sphere, it’s hard to not get overly ecstatic whenever a new show premieres that makes keeping a straight face completely impossible. Such is the case with Hulu’s newest comedy Difficult People, which is getting a Season 2.

Watch David Letterman Ask Random People On The Street What To Do When He Retires

Have you ever wondered what David Letterman plans to do after ending his lengthy run in the late night TV lineup? You are not alone, and now you can see what random people on the street think about what Letterman should do following his Late Late Show run.

Watch Michelle Obama And Big Bird Slow Dance In Hilarious Billy On The Street Video

While President Barack Obama’s appearance on Between Two Ferns was great, I do believe First Lady Michelle Obama has topped it with the following grocery store visit for Billy on the Street, which features Billy Eichner anti-crooning Aerosmith’s “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.”

Billy On The Street Is Moving, Here Are The Details

If all you’re hearing is silence at the moment, that’s probably because comedian and actor Billy Eichner isn’t out in the world hollering at anyone right now. But don’t you worry, his popular Funny or Die comedy series Billy on the Street has been renewed. Just don't expect to find it on Fuse anymore.

Amy Poehler And Billy Eichner Will Team Up Again For This New Series

Parks and Recreation co-stars Amy Poehler and Billy Eichner are teaming up for a new project that will presumably see Eichner hollering about something to someone. Find out more about it here.

Watch Seth Meyers And Billy Eichner Scream At Strangers In This Hilarious Emmy Sketch

Take a second away from watching Modern Family and Big Bang Theory trying to sweep this year’s Emmy Awards to watch comedian Billy Eichner (Parks and Recreation) and Emmy host Seth Meyers putting on a special edition of the always uproarious Billy on the Street.

Watch Amy Poehler And Billy Eichner Comically Harass New Yorkers With Christmas Carols

Billy Eichner tends to take the scream approach to delivering his jokes and reactions, which you may have noticed if you’ve been watching Parks and Recreation this season, as the comedian has applied this schtick to his role as Donna’s Eagleton counterpart Craig in the NBC comedy series.

Star Wars The Clone Wars, Billy Eichner And Sesame Street's Kevin Clash Among Daytime Emmy Nominees

The nominations for the 40th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards were announced and CBS came out on top in total nominations, with 50. PBS trailed behind with 44 nominations, and ABC earned 38. For CBS, it was The Young and the Restless that helped it hit the top spot, earning almost half of the network's nominations, with 23. For ABC, it was General Hospital, which secured 19 nominations.

Billy On The Street Season 2 Premiere: Watch It Online And See Guest Star Rashida Jones

If you're ever in New York and some guy comes running up to you with a microphone and asks you some pop-culture related question in a way that makes you think the fate of the world depends on it, that might be Billy Eichner, the comedian often featured on Funny or Die and star of Fuse' Billy on the Street. If he gets annoyed with your response, there's an even better chance it's him. He has no patience for the wrong answers.

Conan Video: Comedian Billy Eichner Celebrates Madonna With Street Interviews At The Super Bowl

Billy Eichner’s no stranger to hitting the streets with a microphone for our entertainment. This weekend, he visited the Super Bowl to get people’s thoughts on the biggest attraction of the day: Madonna. His enthusiasm is what makes this video so funny. Also his annoyance at anyone not showing enough interest in the Material Girl or thinking “the game” is more important.

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