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Happy Endings' Casey Wilson Just Found Her Next TV Project

Casey Wilson has another comedy appearance that sounds "amahzing."

The Hotwives Of Orlando Review: Hulu's Reality Spoof Flaunts Impeccable Female Ensemble

Created by the clever duo of Danielle Schneider and Dannah Phirman, The Hotwives of Orlando is laugh out loud viewing for both those who live for reality TV and those who would rather swallow their eyeballs than partake. And it’s all thanks to a superior female cast that outshines the enjoyable supporting male co-stars at every turn.

Casey Wilson And Ken Marino Deliver Laughs And Disastrous Proposals In NBC's Marry Me Trailer

"Not gonna sugarcoat it, that was bad!" Fortunately, the same can't be said for the trailer for NBC's Marry Me, one of the new comedies slated to join NBC's 2014-2015 lineup this fall. Admittedly, Marry Me had us at Ken Marino and Casey Wilson, with Happy Endings' David Caspe and The Goldbergs director Seth Gordon's involvement sealing the deal.

Ken Marino Joins Casey Wilson For NBC's Marry Me

Of the plethora of actors currently working, there are few that I enjoy seeing on a regular basis more than Ken Marino, founding member of the legendary sketch group/series The State. So it should be easy to understand why I’m so jazzed about Marino signing up to join fellow funnyperson Casey Wilson for the single-camera pilot Marry Me. The pilot is being set up at NBC, so it should be just as obvious why I’m just as worried as I am excited.

Casey Wilson And June Diane Raphael Sell Sitcom The Mason Twins To NBC

The titular Masons are fraternal twins in their 30s living together and realizing that their lives are nowhere near what they’d planned for them. That’s a pretty vague description, to say the least, and doesn’t leave much room for conjecture, though their other projects they’re co-written together recently are something of a clue.

How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Finale Teaser Hints At The Big Reveal

Can it be? Will we the mother finally be revealed? That seems to be the obvious conclusion drawn from the above teaser for Monday night's How I Met Your Mother. We know that reveal is coming one way or the other and Season 9 is confirmed to be the last. It would make sense to drop that mother of a bomb on us at the Season 8 closer and then let us obsess over the reveal all summer, wouldn't it?

Keegan-Michael Key And Casey Wilson To Guest Star On How I Met Your Mother

Last night's episode of How I Met Your Mother gave fans a number to go with their anticipation over when Ted Mosby will finally meet "the mother." 45 Days! If we're going by realtime, that's a few days shy of the Season 8 finale. Today comes word that two very funny people will guest star in that finale, which is set to air May 13. Happy Endings' Casey Wilson and Key & Peele's Keegan-Michael Key will be adding a little something extra to this season's closing episode.

Happy Endings Woos Ryan Hansen For Casey Wilson Love Interest

After one of the quietest debut seasons, Happy Endings still somehow ended up with a second and good thing too, because now it seems like the sitcom is on quite a roll. ABC made the right choice staying with the young and promising show and just last week gave it a full sophomore season, which means plenty of time to hang out in Chicago with the funny six-some. The good news continues as ABC has also lined up an awesome guest star to play a love interest for one lucky member of the group.

Set Visit Video: Talking Happy Endings Season 2 And The Year Of Penny With Casey Wilson

Last year one of the best new comedies on television premiered on ABC. Mixing together a great group of characters that has to rebound and repair relationships after an incredibly awkward situation, Happy Endings was one of the most consistently funny programs on television and that has continued right into this year. Now five episodes in to its second season, the show hasn't missed a beat and continues to build its great characters and develop funny situations.

Watch Happy Endings' Full Halloween Episode

Happy Endings on ABC is one of the most consistently funny, well written and acted sitcoms on television so, of course, not enough people are watching. The series snuck by with the second season order it so rightfully deserved. It plays a lot like Friends, but looser and updated for current television audiences by employing every trick in the evolving sitcom tool box. Check out the Halloween episode online now.

SNL's Casey Wilson Gets A Job On TV Land

And we couldn't be more proud of her. When Lorne Michaels cast Casey Wilson off of Saturday Night Live after the 2008-2009 season, the internet was abuzz about it. She'd only been with the show a year-and-a-half, and while she hadn't perhaps had the breakout success of costar Kristen Wiig, she wasn't a huge disappointment either

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