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When Walking Dead Fans Will Learn Who The Fear The Walking Dead Crossover Character Will Be

Fans have been wondering about the big Walking Dead crossover, and the character involved will be revealed very soon.

New Futurama Is Coming, But Not In The Most Obvious Way

We no longer have to wait until the year 3,000 to see Fry and Leela again. Check out what's happening with new Futurama.

Chris Hardwick's @Midnight Cancelled At Comedy Central After Four Seasons

Comedy Central will have a lot less Chris Hardwick in the not-too-distant future, as his series @midnight has officially gotten the axe and will not return for a fifth season.

Talking Dead Is Getting Its Own Spinoff

The world is about to see a spin-off to a spin-off! So much to see here, folks.

The Only Time You'll Get To See Patrick Stewart As The Walking Dead's Negan

Patrick Stewart is known for a lot of great nerdy roles like Professor X and Jean-Luc Picard, but after you see this picture of the actor as the The Walking Dead's Negan, you might wish the role had been recast.

Nerdist News Show With Chris Hardwick Being Developed By Syfy

Attention nerds and geeks everywhere... Syfy is, yet again, attempting to break into the news show space. After unsuccessfully trying to tap the market last year with host Wil Wheaton the network is apparently giving it another go round, this time working with Nerdist creator Chris Hardwick.

9 Goofy Boy Meets World Cameos Where The Celebrities (Mostly) Played Themselves

While we’re sure Girl Meets World will revolve around the same kind of cheesy sanitized jokes and emotions of the original, there’s no way this update will be able to come close to touching its predecessor in terms of guest stars and cameos.

Wil Wheaton Awkwardly Tries To Voice His Own Trailer For The Wil Wheaton Project

Let's hope Wil Wheaton is better at hosting his own show than he is at voicing a trailer! We have full confidence that he is, and the above preview actually does a fine job of celebrating the kind of nit-pickiness that all geeks should appreciate on some level or another, right? Geeks are inheriting the earth, and that includes pop culture.

Chris Hardwick's Late Night Talk Show @midnight Picked Up For Many More Episodes

If you watched @midnight on Comedy Central, then this isn’t news to you, as Chris Hardwick shared the good news during the episode. (“Points!”) But for the rest of us, Comedy Central announced this week that they’ve picked up Hardwick’s late-night game show(ish) series for additional episodes, which will air starting January when The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report come back from their end-of-year hiatus.

Chris Hardwick Adapting His Nerdist Podcast For BBC America

Hardwick will also serve as the host for BBC America’s upcoming “Ministry of Laughs” comedy block. The comedian will tape and star in a range of sketches to bridge the programs.

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