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One Of Jay Leno's Favorite Comedy Moments Involves David Letterman

In honor of David Letterman receiving the Mark Twain Award, his former late-night competitor Jay Leno has shared some of his favorite moments with his comedy rival.

Why Jay Leno Never Cared About David Letterman Making Fun Of Him

Jay Leno is talking once more about his former rival David Letterman, and here's why he never let the insults get to him.

The Crazy Amount Of Money David Letterman Is Getting For His New Netflix Show

David Letterman is making a big return to the small screen soon for Netflix, and guess what? He. Is. Making. Bank.

David Letterman Is Coming Back To TV For An Awesome New Show

One of the biggest TV icons of all time, David Letterman is returning to the small screen fairly soon, and we're pumped.

Watch David Letterman Get Interviewed By Norm Macdonald For A Change

David Letterman spent decades interviewing celebrities as a late night host, but Norm Macdonald turned the tables and interviewed Letterman recently. Take a look!

Dorothy Mengering, David Letterman's Mom And Late Night Regular, Passed Away At 95

For years, fans of The Late Show got to watch and hear from David Letterman's mother Dorothy Mengering. Sadly, she passed away this week at 95.

The Three Funniest Comedians, According To David Letterman

Recently, the former late night host shared his thoughts on who the funniest comedians he feels are still killing it are. They may not be who you would expect.

Was David Letterman Too Mean To His Guests? Here's What He Thinks

Now that David Letterman has been retired a while, he can look back on his career with some context, and here, he talks about his prickly interview style.

Why David Letterman Fueled The Rivalry With Jay Leno

He had to do a lot of things he didn't really love doing in order to keep his ratings up over the years. Now, he's retired and he's looking back at his career---with a big beard replacing his cleanshaven look, to boot.

David Letterman's Still Riled Up That CBS Didn't Hire A Woman To Replace Him

Late night television went through a huge change when David Letterman retired from The Late Show. Stephen Colbert has done a capable job as his successor, but Letterman still feels that CBS could have found a woman for the hosting gig.

How David Letterman Feels About Stephen Colbert Replacing Him

It hasn’t even been a full seven months since David Letterman left The Late Show, so there’s an understandable curiosity among fans over how Letterman feels about Stephen Colbert being behind the desk now, and how much he misses doing the show.

What David Letterman Is Doing With His Old Set

David Letterman entered our pantheon of late night talk show hosts long ago. Anyone still clamoring for reminders of his many, many years as one of America’s favorite hosts can head to a place well known to anyone who spent any time watching Letterman on television.

Why David Spade Said No To Taking Over For David Letterman

A big late night shakeup that could have changed everything is one that didn’t happen back in 1993, when then-Saturday Night Live player David Spade declined NBC’s offer to take over the hosting gig of Late Night. Here's why he didn't take the gig.

Why Jay Leno Refused To Appear On One Of Letterman's Final Episodes

While most networks have a late night talk show or two that compete against each other, the men behind the shows have built something of a little fraternity. They publicly support each other when a new one starts out and often say goodbye when one of them leaves. Usually.

What David Letterman Is Doing Next

David Letterman may have retired from late night, but he certainly isn’t retired. The man’s spent most of his career working with network television, but his first post-Late Show project will take him to cable.

How Craig Ferguson Really Felt About Not Getting David Letterman's Job

The late night talk show world can be a vicious environment. When Conan O’Brien had to take a step back for Jay Leno he left town. When David Letterman didn’t get Carson’s job he did the same thing. But that's not what happened when Craig Ferguson left The Late Late Show.

The Advice David Letterman Gave Stephen Colbert Before He Left

In taking the reins of The Late Show, Stephen Colbert had one of late night’s greatest minds to pick for guidance: David Letterman. And what was Letterman’s main piece of advice? Location, location, location.

Watch Stephen Colbert Shave His Beard In First Late Show Promo

Stephen Colbert has been killing time before taking over The Late Show, and one of the ways he's passed the hours is by having fun with his facial hair.

Two Of David Letterman's Final Top 10 Jokes Were Written By An Intern

From this night of touching flashbacks and hilarious moments, something that might surprise you is the fact that two of the funniest jokes on David Letterman's final Late Show hosting gig were actually written by a 21-year-old intern on the show. Not too shabby.

Watch Bill Murray, Jerry Seinfeld And More Deliver David Letterman's Final Top 10

Last night gave us one of the most monumental 90 minutes (or so) of television ever, as the late night legend David Letterman took the stage as the Late Show host for the very last time.And one of the best parts was the star-studded Top Ten list, which included Bill Murray and more.

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