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NBC's Day One Is Now A One Day Series

Well, NBC, you just continue to disappoint me. Or maybe you're saving me from it, because Day One is really just that bad. The post-apocalyptic series was originally going to launch a 13-episode run as soon as the Winter Olympics ended. Then, in October 2009, they reduced it to a four-hour mini-series. Now, it's just a two-hour back-door pilot

2010 Midseason Premiere: Day One

NBC posted their 2010 midseason schedule and set to follow Chuck on Monday nights is their new drama, Day One. It’s the end of the world as we know it, but the characters of Day One probably don’t feel very fine.

2010 NBC Midseason Schedule

NBC released their 2010 midseason lineup today. In addition to the return of Chuck (yay!), the schedule also lists some new series, including the Jerichoesque Day One, nurse drama series Mercy and comedy 100 Questions.

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